Monday, July 6, 2015

Opening Saturday! STATEMENTS - A Fashion Photography Exhibit by Brian James


A Fashion Photography Exhibit by Brian James

Brian James is a Fashion and Headshot Photographer with a studio based in the thriving arts community of downtown St. Petersburg, FL. His work has been printed worldwide, and he continues to push boundaries. Using dramatic lighting and creative direction, his work arrests the eyes of the viewer. Come step into his visions as he presents "Statements", a fashion photography exhibit at The Art Lofts in the heart of downtown St.Petersburg.

Opening Saturday July 11th, 2015. 5pm-9pm.
ArtLofts - 10 5th ST N - ST PETE, FL 33701
Upstairs, above the Florida Craft Art Gallery (501 Central).
Copyright © 2015 Brian James Gallery Photography, All rights reserved.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When your work takes you on vacation...

Work work work. We all do it. Some of us are fortunate to have jobs we love, while others are just fortunate to have A job. Whatever it is you do, I know we all appreciate time off. Time without chores, errands, and time without stress. We all have dreams, goals, and travel plans. Finding the time, and the funding, are the barriers to making these things happen. Sometimes we get lucky... our hard work pays off, people take notice, and opportunities arise.

Last month, I had an amazing opportunity. One of my favorite clients, and fashion labels, Gioffre, decided they wanted my skills (and possibly my humor) in Milan, Italy. Gioffre was putting on a fashion show at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. A stunning setting for such beautiful designs...

The show was killer! The guests were astounded, and looking dapper themselves... as many people went for the black-tie look. They wined, dined, and danced the rest of the evening... celebrating the success of a fabulous collection.

The following day, we had the hotel at our disposal to shoot an editorial for duPont Registry. These are two of my favorites:

Thank you to the great staff at the Grand Hotel et de Milan, the confident crew at Thirty Seconds, the models, and to the fabulous Angela, and rockstar Erika, from Gioffre. A great experience I will never forget...

Then I went on vacation! As if shooting fashion in Milan wasn't a vacation enough... I took off for the coast of Cinque Terre to relax for a few days and take in the views... amazing views!

If you work hard, people will take notice. Create, inspire, and laugh. Jump on the opportunities when they arise and maybe you will will be paid to vacation.

Till next time,

Brian James

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson" - Outkast

Photographing a Wedding this past Weekend at Isla Del Sol in St. Petersburg, FL, things weren't going as planned. The beautiful day you've imagined has now been met with a power outage... No air conditioning, no lights, no sound... and emergency alarms. The kitchen crew swiftly moved everything to smokers and grills outside. Great idea... except when it interferes with a venue trying to air out a room that has been rising in temperature all day! When a fire truck arrives, for what we know is a false alarm.. we took advantage!

When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

What an opportunity! Thank you St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue.

For those concerned.. the ceremony was outside and the weather was excellent. The DJ (DJ Ich) ran power (with 6 extension cords) from a building nearby for sound, and full power came back on during cocktail hour (which was also outside), just in time for dinner! They danced the night away..

Congratulations Brandon and Tricia!

Till next time,

Brian James