Why I’m bad at communication... but you don’t have to be...

Photograph by Brian James
We’ve all been to that event and met someone cool that had an interesting brand, business, or even just a good beard. We got along, we had some laughs, and we exchanged business cards. We got home and we never followed up. One hit wonder.
I have done this way too often and I’m changing this today. In the past I could say I just got “caught up” in client assignments/editing/shooting and I'd say I’ll do it later... right after I finish this... then after that... Then the card gets lost in the land of paper. You know, the daily shuffle of paper that moves through our lives in its many forms from spam to birthday cards. Next thing you know... it’s also lost in the mind. No follow up happens.
No excuses anymore. Building a business starts with building relationships... you can’t build relationships without communication. Follow up with at least one person today. Do it. Even if you’ve had that card on your desk for three months. Do it. Now.
Brian James


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