Constant Contrast. Fashion Editorial by Brian James, published by Stell Magazine.

Constant Contrast.

I started my photography career shooting black & white film, developing negatives and prints in a darkroom. Since those days, I have always had a strong love for minimally edited photos. Like the days of film, I always strive to get the photos right, right now... as opposed to relying on post-processing (ex: photoshop). That's just how I work. I always have. Sure, I do some light skin retouching (everyone appreciates that), but that's about the extent of my editing. No swapping backgrounds, no composites, and no cats with laser beams! I like real. Simple.

The idea for this shoot was just that, a simple one: Contrast. When shooting black and white film, contrast can make or break the photo. Too much and you have no detail, not enough and you have a flat, grey, boring image. The contrast idea for this shoot was not in the sense of lighting, but in wardrobe. All of the outfits would be black, white, or black & white... shot in color on a neutral background with natural lighting. The result:

Photography: Brian James @brianjamesphoto

Hair/Makeup: Monique McLaughlin @moemakeup

Model: Nikki Todd - KLA Management @nikkitodd @klamanagement

Magazine: Stell Magazine @stellmagazine

Editorial also available online at Stell Magazine

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