Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson" - Outkast

Photographing a Wedding this past Weekend at Isla Del Sol in St. Petersburg, FL, things weren't going as planned. The beautiful day you've imagined has now been met with a power outage... No air conditioning, no lights, no sound... and emergency alarms. The kitchen crew swiftly moved everything to smokers and grills outside. Great idea... except when it interferes with a venue trying to air out a room that has been rising in temperature all day! When a fire truck arrives, for what we know is a false alarm.. we took advantage!

When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

What an opportunity! Thank you St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue.

For those concerned.. the ceremony was outside and the weather was excellent. The DJ (DJ Ich) ran power (with 6 extension cords) from a building nearby for sound, and full power came back on during cocktail hour (which was also outside), just in time for dinner! They danced the night away..

Congratulations Brandon and Tricia!

Till next time,

Brian James

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I don't write enough...

Staying "busy" does not give me an excuse to not communicate about the things that do keep me busy.

A recent trip to Italy, fashion shoots, corporate advertising campaigns. weddings, concerts, time with family.. So many great things happening and no voice to express these moments. Yes, I update my site, I post to Instagram (@brianjamesphoto), but my blog has been neglected and I apologize to those of you who are interested in knowing more than just looking at pictures.

Plans in motion. Words will be written. Photos will be explained.

Until then...

Enjoy your weekend!

Photo above: Last night @atmosphere put on an excellent (sold out) show at the @tampaorpheum in Ybor. Crowd view below:

Music moves me. Put the track on...

-Brian James

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blending two shoots into one, makes three. Read on..

I'm all about efficiency, and I strive to use time wisely, especially in an industry where time is money! Recently, I had two model-portfolio photo sessions booked on the same afternoon. One was for a male model (Chase), the other for a female model (Sunny). I reached out to them both and offered the idea to have the shoots run together (overlap), allowing the opportunity for some "couple" shots. They agreed. I'm glad they did...

Maximizing time and talent. That's the way I like it.

Thank you Chase and Sunny.

Till next time,

Brian James