Sunday, May 20, 2018

Self Portraits seem to be my audience's favorite photos...

Notice I said "Self Portrait" and not "Selfie". There's a big difference.

Below are two photos... same background... almost identical lighting and subject placement. Me vs MTV Siesta Key reality star Kelsey Owens:

Self Portrait:

Kelsey (and camera man):

These were both pulled from my Instagram feed and somehow I beat out the beautiful Kelsey in the "likes" department... Convincingly.

What I take from this is that my audience seems to follow me for "me" first and my work second... that means a lot.

Thank you all... I appreciate each and every one of you.

Till next time,
Brian James

Monday, May 14, 2018

Tampa Bay Metro Magazine... Editorial by Brian James.

I wanted to share this recent fashion spread I shot for Tampa Bay Metro Magazine. This editorial features looks from Neiman Marcus, Deborah Kent's, The Haute Shop and more...

Hair by Jackie Cupples. Makeup by Monique McLaughlin. Photography by Brian James.

Models: Lauren Hubbard, Rachael Todd, Nichole Zych

Shot in studio at Brian James Gallery Photography.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The best G-Eazy songs you need to know. I mean it.

Best of G-Eazy, playlist.

Earlier this week, during what was a seemingly uneventful, yet necessary drive to the studio, I was blind sided, er, deaf sided?.. Either way, I heard something on the radio that caught me off guard. Since 2012, I have been following Bay Area rapper G-Eazy. I have seen him perform in venues as slimy and hipster ridden as you could imagine (i.e. Local 662), and festivals with enough green to get us all there (i.e. Bonnaroo). The point is, I feel like I have watched his metamorphosis from newbie, to self proclaimed "coldest white rapper in the game" from afar. Back to my sensory-sided experience, what caught me off guard was hearing Young Gerald. On the radio. In St. Pete. It seems everywhere I go, or look (O.K. Snapchat), I hear Bebe Rexha and her outlandish outfits letting me know it's all about Me, Myself & I.

So, to all you band wagoners that just hopped on, I present the essential G-Eazy playlist:

I Mean It

Lady Killers

Acting Up

Been On

Must Be Nice


Outta Pocket


Make Up Sex

Mercedes Benz


Reefer Madness

Shoot Me Down

Far Alone




Runaround Sue



Let's Get Lost

Bonus: Pay For You

That's that shit I've been on.

-Brian James