Inspiration can be found everywhere... even places (or songs) you wouldn't expect.

Being a creative professional, inspiration is always found coming, going, and somewhere in between. Our clients look to us for our ideas, our approach, and in the end, our art. Sometimes, we have to dig deep, because a constant flow of ideas and inspiration can be taxing. Other times, it comes easy, and we're not even sure where it comes from. It can come from anywhere!

I read post recently from one of my favorites in this industry, Zack Arias, where he writes about inspiration, dropping this quote from Picasso:

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
Quite true, as you can't be inspired while sitting on the couch binge watching episodes of whatever has grabbed your attention. Possibly, yes, but it's not going to see the light of day as the next episode starts and that thought flies out the window. Working, and pushing your ideas, is when some of the best things come to mind. Zack goes on to compare three songs (technically the same song) all interpreted differently. The outcome is amazing! Taking an original, and playing it your own way, is the idea of inspiration, or as Zack describes, "interpretation". This post is excellent, and you have to go read, and listen to each song.. DO IT! NOW! GO!

That is inspiration.. interpretation.

Zack Arias
Zack Arias, photographed in St. Petersburg, FL by Brian James. Circa 2010.
Thank you Z. Keep being awesome...

Till next time,

Brian James


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