When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson" - Outkast

Photographing a Wedding this past Weekend at Isla Del Sol in St. Petersburg, FL, things weren't going as planned. The beautiful day you've imagined has now been met with a power outage... No air conditioning, no lights, no sound... and emergency alarms. The kitchen crew swiftly moved everything to smokers and grills outside. Great idea... except when it interferes with a venue trying to air out a room that has been rising in temperature all day! When a fire truck arrives, for what we know is a false alarm.. we took advantage!

When things go wrong... sometimes it's just right!

What an opportunity! Thank you St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue.

For those concerned.. the ceremony was outside and the weather was excellent. The DJ (DJ Ich) ran power (with 6 extension cords) from a building nearby for sound, and full power came back on during cocktail hour (which was also outside), just in time for dinner! They danced the night away..

Congratulations Brandon and Tricia!

Till next time,

Brian James


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