Dramatic lighting. Minimal gear. Major attitude.

Most of the time, making great images doesn't require a lot of gear. A camera (any camera) paired with an idea is really all it takes. The next step, and added bonus, is having great light. You can't always depend on the weather, but, you can bring light with you.

For this photo below, I used one light to take cloudy evening and turn it into a drama filled scene:

I really enjoy this setup, I use it often, and it's actually quite simple. One speedlight, one modifier, placed overhead at a close distance. Here it is:

This technique is best for dramatic lighting with sharp light falloff. Using a sturdy boom stand from Manfrotto and one of my go-to location modifiers, the Saberstrip.

Here's another view of the lighting:

Model: Madeleine Acton
Designer: Sarah Rechtoris

Till next time,


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