Tools of the Trade: Film, the Darkroom, and the making of Photographs..

I am so fortunate to have started my photography adventure shooting film. Learning proper exposure, light, and the development process of film is what made me the Photographer I am today. For four years of my life, the darkroom was my getaway, my place of solace.. Just me, my photographs, and some running water. Peaceful.

I haven't been in a darkroom since I had the pleasure of photographing the talented Jazz Photographer, Herb Snitzer, as he made prints in his studio darkroom. That was more than 3 years ago! Here is that photograph:

Legendary Jazz Photographer, Herb Snitzer.

Nowadays, shooting digitally, I spend my "developing" time in Lightroom, sitting in front of a computer. There is no running water in my printing process. I have lost my place of solace.

Recently, a friend of mine had a family friend pass away and he was willed many old photographic tools. He had no personal use for them (and these days, they don't sell for much).. so he called me up and gifted me all of these nostalgic pieces I used to cherish... and still do. I decided to make photographs of these items, which brought me that peace and those great memories of why I fell in love with this artform, the "magic" of making prints in the darkroom. These are the Tools of the Trade:

I hope these bring back some memories for others.. and for those who never used these tools, let this be a lesson on the true craft that this industry is. We take our technology for granted sometimes..

I strive to get images right, in camera, as the tools above were the only "photoshop" you had.. and you couldn't just "fix" it later. Get it right. Right NOW.

Till next time,


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