Shooting Beauty and Glamour with model, Stephanie Petrey..

Stephanie Petrey is a talented model here in Tampa Bay. I have worked with her on a number of assignments, from happy/commercial to edgy/fashion... and she's got skillz. Stephanie is very comfortable in front of the camera and a blast to work with. I remember shooting a happy/commercial ad for a client where all of the girls had to look like they were having soo much fun. Stephanie busts out this fake laugh over and over while smiling and posing.. now all of the girls are doing it!! "Hahahaha!".. "hahahaha!".. until everyone on set is just rollin' laughing!! Such a good time.

This shoot is a sexy/glam/beauty style (with a bit of Hulk Hogan) and once again, she rocks it...

Thank you Stephanie.

Till next time,

Brian James


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