Photographers: No light modifiers needed. Shooting natural light in the Sunshine State.

As a photographer, there are so many options for lighting your subjects.. Reflectors, diffusers, flags, strobes, speedlights, softboxes, umbrellas, ringlights.. and on and on and on.
Sometimes, we don't need any of that.. as with this shoot here with talented model, Mallory Dolgin. This early morning sunlight, which also happens to be completely free (really cuts down on those expenses) is a fabulous source for great photos. Shooting for Surf or City, we bounced around downtown St. Pete to create some great images... using only the sun.

Now, after two looks, the sun has risen and the light becomes much harsher. Sunglasses are needed (or you'll have a squinty-eyed model), but the sunglasses work with these looks, as almost everyone in Florida wears sunglasses outside.

By 9:30am in Florida (in August), it is hot and bright. Your window of time for great light (and cooler temperatures) has passed and it's time to move indoors. Beauty look time!

Ringlight.. always a beautiful source.

And my go to... WINDOW LIGHT! Soft, diffused and again.. FREE!

Mallory, you ROCK!
Thank you for another great shoot.

Also, a big thanks to Cassandra Standefer for the amazing hair and makeup.. and Surf or City, for the rockin' threads.

Yes (to the critics), we could have used light modifiers, and possibly had slightly better results, but, we would be limited by the setup/teardown time from location to location and in this game.. time is money.. especially in this heat!

Feel free to share your thoughts, or ask any questions.

Till next time,

-Brian James


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