Jumping around St. Pete with Mary Reschar...

This past month I had the pleasure of once again working with Mary Reschar, one of my favorite local models. Teaming up with Misred Outfitters (awesome boutique) before Mary headed back to school.

For these images we were going for fun/commercial/lifestyle photography and this had to be done EARLY in the day. August in Florida is quite warm and if you want to shoot outside, the best time is early morning. We started at the studio with hair and makeup by Darlina Conto and then headed outside:

Gotta love those pants..

Scooter chillin'..

I brought a small trampoline and let Mary have some fun..
It was also a nice way to show off the clothes.

We ended the shoot in the shade, relaxing at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club..

This last look includes a Reconstructed skirt from Misred and a Maaji Swim top from Surf or City.

Thank you Mary, I always enjoy working with you.

Till next time,

Brian James


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