A summer tradition... Combining talents from Atlanta to St. Petersburg.

Last summer (2012), I got a call from a talented makeup artist out of Atlanta, Veronica Sitterding. She was planning a trip to St. Petersburg and wanted to put a shoot together. She brought two great models (also from Atlanta) and we hooked up with Surf or City and Postcard Inn, where the girls rocked these killer suits:

Here we are, Summer 2013, and the collaboration continues. "I'm coming to Florida and the girl I am bringing, Gwen, is a superstar!" says Veronica.

I'm interested... and Veronica was not lying, Gwen is a superstar... and she's not even old enough to drive! Watch out world..

This summer's shoot was a commercial/lifestyle shoot, as apposed to last years fashion/beauty style. With a mix of clothes from Gwen, Veronica, and the lovely Misred Outfitters. Our scouted location was Pass-A-Grille, the southernmost end of St. Pete Beach.. Pass-A-Grille is a historic, quaint, and laid back beach town.. perfect for this shoot:

Thank you Gwen and Veronica for such a great shoot. This was by far the hardest shoot to edit (narrow down) because every look was awesome! So many great photos. Gwen, I know you will go far.. and Veronica, I look forward to Summer '14.. and everything in between!

Gwen is with Factor Women, based out of Atlanta and Chicago.

Till next time,

-Brian James


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