A girl, a watermelon, and some matching flowers..

Just a fun day with a cool girl, Hannah Feliciano. I have worked with Hannah (Hon-uh) in the past and always enjoy the experience of collaborating with her. For this shoot, there wasn't a set game plan and we kinda just made it up as we went along. I'll run it down for you:

For the first look, I had always been eyeing this door in my neighborhood and told myself I would shoot here one day. From past experience, you have to act on these quickly because things can change overnight (the door could get painted, the house could be torn down, who knows).. I am glad that I acted in time. We threw in a watermelon for fun.

 Then we ate it.

After enjoying our watermelon, we found a beautiful row of flowers that perfectly matched her next outfit.

Till next time..

-Brian James


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